Selected Writing

Some personal favorites from over the years



A fake Craiglist ad about a guy looking for a roommate, a job, a place to live, and a missed connection…all in one post.

Love at 27A

Bartleby Snopes

A story about heartbreak and a sentient, autonomous car.

Dear Turkey

The Toucan

Now this is some weird stuff! A poem about a turkey in the oven.

The Weight

Menacing Hedge

A troubled family are unified through sadism.


First Stop Fiction

I’ve written two stories to date about being concussed. This is the first.

Light’s Out

In Between Altered States

A magic realist story about cosmetic surgery from way back in 2010. In Between Altered States was such a cool, little journal in its day.

A PSA About Love


A surreal bit of microfiction from way before Hold Still Fast.

The Hotline for Lonely Men

Digging Through the Fat

A dark story about a late night phone call.

To Have the Ass

Red Fez

Believe it or not, this story about a loser who doesn’t have the ass to pull off chaps was nominated for a literary award.

A Day in the Neighborhood

Pea River Journal

A microfiction suite about people down on their luck. Published in Pea River Journal’s “Worksongs for the Apocalypse” edition. I still have the hardcopy – a great collection I’m happy to be a part of.