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Dress for the Send you Want, not the Send you Have

The past few years I started wearing a red shirt for home crags and a green shirt for away crags. I always wear my Prana Zion climbing pants. God. What a shameless plug. This is why they sponsor athletes so dorks like me can drool over their shit, namedrop it, and not get a dime.…

Squirm, eh?

Squirm. The direct version that goes at v5. Now that’s a fun problem! One of my favorites in Jtree, located in the Stonehenge formation outside Cap Rock, this sloper beauty encapsulates all that I love about Joshua Tree bouldering. Powerful opening moves off a prominent feature, smeary feet, thuggy bumping on sloped monzonite, capped off…

Funny Names, Exploding Holds, and an Honest Love for Choss

For not living in the desert I regard myself as a desert rat as far as climbing goes. Choss doesn’t bother me, it’s what I know. I’ve fallen a number of times climbing routes in Apple Valley and New Jack City with a rock in hand, as it just goes “boom!” right in my mitts.…

Weekend Warrior

I’ve been climbing since late 2007, when I was instantly hooked after going to a climbing gym on a date. It took me until 2009 to actually climb outside, and I only reached that obsessive level of being an every-weekend climber in 2015, not so strangely when I also started working in an office full-time.…

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