Weekend Warrior

I’ve been climbing since late 2007, when I was instantly hooked after going to a climbing gym on a date. It took me until 2009 to actually climb outside, and I only reached that obsessive level of being an every-weekend climber in 2015, not so strangely when I also started working in an office full-time. I guess something about circling back as I break down silos as part of my professional development moved the needle for me regarding my attraction to getting out on real rock more consistently. I love climbing, but as the years go on, I realize just how much I need it.

This is a blog about what climbing means to me and lines I personally find notable and memorable. As a published author and also someone who gets paid in part to write, this is more or less a journal about my favorite hobby. Some posts may be much longer than a typical blog post, weighing in at 2,000 words+, hence why it’s described here as “maximalist.” I will also mention the names of my friends and climbing partners without any introduction or background about them. But for the record, when you see the name Danelze that’s my girlfriend and love of my life. 

I also am interested in the ethics of climbing as a sport and as a game, such as the value of honesty and not ticking problems you dab on or lines you off-route. I also aim to delve into the value of grades, our personal conduct amongst each other as climbers, and the responsibility we bear in an ever-emerging sport. And last but not least, I’ll take great joy in trashing boulder bros. Though it’s not out of a mean place, I swear. It’s just coming from a person who doesn’t think doing bathangs for the gram make you cool, especially if it’s so you can muscle your way into some kind of sponsorship. Oh, and keep your music down, you rascals!

As for my own climbing, here’s some background for context. I boulder and sport climb, mostly in the High Desert region of southern California. This includes Joshua Tree National Park, a couple crags in Apple Valley, and a chossy beauty known as New Jack City in Lucerne Valley. I climb elsewhere too, but many posts will feature climbs from the aforementioned places.

Me in Joshua Tree

I prefer volume and new sends over projects, and as such my high-points grade-wise outside are decent in themselves but low considering how long I’ve been at this sport. I’ve bouldered up to v6 or v7, and red-pointed up to 12b. I’ve lead one trad route in my entire life and followed on one multi-pitch. You won’t find tales of major epics anywhere on this blog, but you will find some expansive takes on popular and obscure lines both, including the finer points of climbing on choss.

For anyone interested in reading this stuff, you might just come across some worker bee’s take on that weird little V2 you did in Jtree that no one posted to MP yet, or that funky bolt line next to a graffiti mushroom. Happy to reply to any comments if any come up.

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